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Create Ember App With Yeoman

1. install dependencies

Download and install from nodejs, it include NPM for node package manage

Install yeoman, grunt, bower.

npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower

2. install ember generator

Run yo command, you will see options for execute yo commands:


Use your up/down keys to select different menu/command to execute, select install generator.

❯ Install a generator

It will prompt:

? Search npm for generators:

Enter ember to search emberjs related generator. after a while it will return search results for ‘ember’:

? Here's what I found. Official generator → ෴
  Install one? (Use arrow keys)
❯ ember ෴

Select ember marked as ‘෴’ and press enter to install it.

3. use yo command to create the app

First you need to create a project folder, you can create with command:

mkdir myapp

After run ‘yo’, it will give options to run generator, select Ember (use up/down arrow keys):

  Run a generator

Press enter, after a while it will ask whether to include Bootstrap, feel free to select Y or n. After that you’ll see something like this:

 create .gitignore
 create .gitattributes
 create .bowerrc
 create bower.json
 create package.json
 create .jshintrc
 create .editorconfig
 create Gruntfile.js
 create app/templates/application.hbs
 create app/templates/index.hbs
 create app/index.html
 create app/styles/style.scss
 create app/scripts/app.js
 create app/scripts/store.js
 create app/scripts/router.js
 create app/scripts/routes/application_route.js

  I'm all done. Running bower install & npm install for you to install the required dependencies. If this fails, try running the command yourself.

It will install all js/libraries dependencies with: bower install & npm install. Finally you will see ascii art like:

    |       |    .----------------------.
    |--(o)--|    |     Bye from us!     |
   `---------´   |      Chat soon.      |
    ( _´U`_ )    |                      |
    /___A___\    |      Yeoman team     |
     |  ~  |     |   |
   __'.___.'__   '----------------------'
 ´   `  |° ´ Y `


4. run grunt to build the app

Run grant command to build the project.


5. run grunt serve to preview and edit the app

grunt serve

6. deploy the app

after edit and create some awesome features, you definitely want to deploy the app, right? Here I’ll show you how to deploy the app in static web hosting for developers.

First you need to register a account in, after register you need to install npm package for running divshot command

npm install -g divshot-cli

Then use divshot command to login your account:

divshot login

After that you can go to your project directory, run ‘divshot init’ command:

divshot init
name: (myapp) rociiu-ember-demo
root directory: (current) dist
clean urls: (y/n) y
error page: (error.html) n
Would you like to create a app from this app?: (y/n) y
Creating app ...

After the steps, it will create a configuration file(divshot.json) inside the root directory. Then deploy the app with ‘divshot push’:

divshot push

Creating build ...  App does not yet exist. Creating app rociiu-ember-demo ... ✔
Hashing Directory Contents ... ✔

Syncing 15 files: [==================================================] 100%

Finalizing build ... ✔
Releasing build to development ... ✔

Application deployed to development
You can view your app at:

Your app should be live now.